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Sample Vision Application #3:

Vision Inspection Add-On for Level 3 Automation

Location : U.S.A.
Inspection Lines : 1
Part Size & Shape : 0.25 in.x 0.75 in. to 6 inch diameter
Number of Part Types : 10 per line
Materials Handling : Mechanical Walking Beam(Pre-Existing)
Key Inspection Parameters: All elements present or absent, contact insertion depth, contact gap measurement

Description of Process:

Parts are automatically assembled and transferred to a walking beam track. When the part indexes to the camera stations, it is conveyed over a modified section of track which is necessary to back light the connector. The walking beam passes the part in front of the cameras and an image is snapped in half-inch increments of each variable length connector. The part is inspected while in motion in order to eliminate the need for accurate positioning.

The inspection insures all components are present and gap measurements are correct. Each inspection takes  approximately 15 ms per snap. If the part is found to unacceptable, it is automatically removed from the track into a rejection bin. Parts that pass the inspection are  passed to Laser Marking and subsequent Packaging.

Configuration :

Vision Processor : PPT Passport 440
Inspection Lines : 1
Cameras Per Line : 2
Inspection Time : 15 ms per snap (including acquisition and processing)