ISTECH, Incorporated
ISTECH, Incorporated
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Sample Vision Application #1:

Turnkey Semi-Automatic Hand Line Vision Inspection

Location : China and Mexico
Inspection Lines : 15
Part Size & Shape : .3in x .5 in. to 1.75 in.
Number of Part Types : 45 Per Line
Materials Handling : Pneumatic Walking Beam (by Istech)
Inspection Parameters: All elements present, contact true position, Contact Gap, Overall part dimension

Description of Process:

Sample Vison Application #1 : Close Up Parts are transferred by an operator from the assembly track to the vision inspection track. As the parts are conveyed in front of a photo eye, the system activates the walking beam and moves the part automatically through inspection. The camera station consists of a section made of glass track which is necessary to back light the connector. The walking beam passes the part under the camera and two images are snapped while in motion, eliminating the need for accurate positioning.

The inspection insures that:

The inspection is accomplished in approximately 30 ms. If the part is found not to be acceptable, it is automatically removed from the track into a rejection bin. If the part is found to be acceptable, it is passed to a Packaging Station.

Configuration :

  3 Line Version 4 Line Version
Vision Processor : PPT Passport 440 PPT Passport 440
Controls : Omron C200HS Omron C200HS
Inspection Lines : 3 4
Cameras Per Line : 1 or 2 1 or 2
Inspection Time :
(inc. acquisition & processing)
30ms/snap 30ms/snap