ISTECH, Incorporated
ISTECH, Incorporated
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Laser Inspection and Measurement

ISTECH has extensive experience with various Laser Measurement Technologies including Displacement and Triangulation with both Analog and Digital Systems. Along with our expertise in High-Speed Motion Control, Part Presentation, High-Speed Data Collection and Data Filtering, ISTECH can provide cost-effective solutions to the majority of Laser Inspection Applications.

Typical inspection parameters include Coplanarity, True Position, Width, Length, Thickness, Edge Deviation, Edge Rock, and Squareness. In addition, the collected data can be stored to, and queried from a database in conjunction with SPC analysis.

Calibration scenarios emulating the actual inspection and/or utilizing NIST Traceable Standards can be developed. Off-Line Software Tools can be provided to analyze why the system may or may not have rejected a specific part with the current inspection parameters.

Below are links to a few sample Laser Inspection and Measurement Applications that we've completed.