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Sample Robot Application #2:

Assembly System utilizing AIM 3.0

Location : U.S.
Robot : Adept 550 four-axis SCARA
Controls : Adept MV-10 VME Controller
Language : Adept AIM 3.0
Cycle Time : 25 seconds

Description of Process:

Robot Workcell The robot is used to place two parts from the feeder bowl's track onto two sections of the assembly being presented on the left side of the machine on a conveyor track. When an assembly is ready on the conveyor, a signal is sent to the robot's controller. When the robot receives this signal, a part is picked up from the feeder bowl track, the robot's gripper swings into a 90 degree position, and the robot moves to the staging position for placement onto the waiting assembly.

The waiting assembly is then engaged by the grippers positioned on the left side of the machine, and made ready for the robot's part's placement. Once the part is in position, the robot moves back to the end of the feeder bowl track and picks up another part and the process is repeated for the second position of the conveyor assembly. When the robot finishes placing the second part, an output is turned on to inform the rest of the line that the process is complete.

The controls are programmed in AIM 3.0 and controls 50 points of I/O. There are eight lines of V+ code written to flag the AIM program when an e-stop is pressed.

AIM's Master Control Panel with modifications