ISTECH, Incorporated
ISTECH, Incorporated
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Sample Laser Application #1:

Turnkey Automated Laser Inspection Module for Semi-Automatic Hand Lines

Location : U.S.A.
Laser System : Triangulation / Analog
Part Size & Shape : 0.5 inches x 2 inches
Materials Handling : Pneumatic Walking Beam (By Istech)
Key Inspection Parameters: All elements presence and absence, Coplanarity

Description of Process:

The part is transferred via a pneumatic walking beam under two Laser Heads, one Head for each row of the connector. The part is passed or failed with consideration for the following criteria:

If the part is found not to be acceptable, it is automatically rejected. If the part is acceptable, it is transferred to Packaging.

Configuration :

Lasers per Line : 2
Part Types Being Inspected : 10 per line
Inspection/Analysis Time: 5 to 10 seconds per part