ISTECH, Incorporated
ISTECH, Incorporated
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Custom Programming

ISTECH has extensive experience in all aspects of software programming. Our primary business is based in industrial automation, but many of our customers want to use the same software tools they use every day to analyze data and results from their automated systems. This goal is now achievable with Microsoft Office. Using COM, Visual Basic for Applications, SQL and a host of other innovations, Istech can provide you with a reporting tool written for an application with which you are comfortable.

Visual Basic

ISTECH has developed over 50 applications utilizing VB and are constantly finding new ways to utilize its ever-growing capabilities. One of the most common uses for VB is as database interfaces, but with its enhanced features, it is capable of handling almost any task.

Database Programming

One of the most frequently asked questions when beginning a project is if the data can be imported into a database or spreadsheet for analysis. Not only can we import it in, we can provide you with custom software to automatically analyze the data so that you get the results you want. Working in Access, FoxPro, Oracle, and Paradox, over virtually any type of network, we can provide a solution for your database programming needs.

HTML/Web Page Development

One of the emerging technologies in today's workplace is the Internet. Whether your needs lie in the development of a marketing tool that reaches users globally, or you need a monitoring tool for your plant's control systems, ISTECH can provide your solution.

Using Microsoft's Internet Explorer and ActiveX controls, your computer can be set up to monitor events and data as they happen. With the growth in the development of the Internet and Intranets, the web browser is now a common tool for bringing together data from many different sources and displaying them in a common interface.