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Programming Sample 1

Visual Basic Vision Data Acquisition with Web-based Reporting

Data acquisition application screen shot

Our customer had a vision inspection application that required inspection of an eight foot wide web of material traveling on a conveyor belt. To meet their inspection criteria, three DVT vision inspection cameras were installed along a beam installed over the material looking down.

To collect vision inspection results, we wrote a Visual Basic application that ran on a PC connected to the line. The cameras each have an Ethernet port and communicate with the PC over TCP/IP. When a fault is detected, the camera assembles and sends a packet containing failure information to the PC. The PC then logs the data in a Microsoft Access database.

Web-based reporting tool screen shot

Reporting inspection results is done through a web browser interface using pages generated in ASP. The line production engineer can query the database and return inspection criteria for anything from the data for just the last 15 minutes, to viewing reports on data from the last six months. The web-based interface allows the data to be exported to a CSV-format file, which can quickly be imported into Excel for more advanced analysis if necessary.