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ISTECH, Incorporated
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Sample Laser Application #2:

Automated Laser Inspection Add-On for Level 3 Automation

Location : U.S.A.
Laser System : Triangulation / Analog
Part Size & Shape : 0.5 inches x 1.5 inches
Materials Handling : Cam-Driven Walking Beam (Existing)
Key Inspection Parameters : All Elements Presence and Absence, Contact True Position, Coplanarity

Description of Process:

The part is transferred to an inspection station via a walking beam. A Motion Controlled Linear Slide conveys two Laser Heads over the part, one Head for each row of the connector. The part is passed or failed with consideration for the following criteria.

If the part is found not to be acceptable, it is automatically rejected. If the part is acceptable, it is transferred to Packaging.

Configuration :

Lasers per Line : 2
Part Types Being Inspected : 25 per line
Inspection/Analysis Time: 500 to 700 msec. per part