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Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition is quickly becoming a standard part of machine automation. The ability to trend, graph, monitor and analyze processes is essential to producing higher quality products more efficiently. A well-executed data acquisition and data analysis system provides you with the data to make intelligent decisions about your process.

ISTECH has completed many cutting-edge data acquisition systems. Data Acquisition is an extremely broad field that covers many different aspects of process control. We have provided Data Acquisition solutions using PLC's, operator interfaces, and computers in a number of programming languages. We have completed a wide range of projects from a fully-automatic non-contact measuring tool in Microsoft Windows which collects and analyzes 54,000 points of data in 4.5 seconds and analyzes the data with SPC charts, to linking data from an existing machine's PLC log into Excel spreadsheets for off-line analysis.

Below are links to sample data acquisition applications that ISTECH has completed.

Data Acquisition Sample Applications

  1. Data-Acquisition portion of Non-Contact Measurement System