ISTECH, Incorporated
ISTECH, Incorporated
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Vision Inspection

ISTECH has completed multiple Vision Inspection Systems with installations in China, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

ISTECH is a Certified Systems Integrator for Vision Systems manufactured by PPT Vision, Cognex, DVT, RVSI, Omron, and Adept. ISTECH is constantly upgraded by these manufacturers regarding their latest revisions and enhancements of their products.

ISTECH maintains their own Vision Laboratory and has invested in Vision Equipment including Vision Processors, Cameras, Lighting Sources and Projecting Elements, various Lenses, and Mechanical Fixtures. This specialized equipment allows ISTECH to qualify the imaging of the part, determine the need for structured custom lighting/filtering, and simulate inspection operation under automated production conditions. We at no time forward sample parts to any outside sources for qualification or evaluation, thus insuring product integrity and customer confidentiality.

The ISTECH mandate is to provide optimum performance and reliability while maintaining a low cost attitude to insure customer satisfaction with economic considerations.

Typical inspection parameters include component placement verification, critical element dimensioning, element grid conformance, overall component dimensioning, contact gap measurement, and contact true position and coplanarity. ISTECH can provide calibration scenarios utilizing NIST traceable standards when required.

Below are links to a few sample Vision Applications that Istech has completed.