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ISTECH, Incorporated
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Sample Robot Application #3:

Vision Inspection/SPC/Tray Packaging System

Location : U.S.
Robot : Adept Cobra 600 four-axis SCARA
Controls : Adept MV-19 VME Controller
Language : Adept V+ 12
Cycle Time per part : 3 seconds net

Description of Process:

The systemís hardware architecture includes two PPT Vision Passport 240s, an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC, and the Adept Cobra 600 system. A 17Ē NEC flat panel monitor provides the operator interface to both vision systems and the alarm/message display for the PLC and Robot. All of the machine's sub-systems are highly integrated via Ethernet.

Parts enter into the left side of the system from a walking beam. A pick and place transfers the part into a nest that has special features to provide virtual datumís, simulate the partís reactions to the final application requirements and assist in the metrology. The nest is scanned through 2 camera stations and the results are made available to the robot for placement into a passed or rejection tray. Packaging trays enter the system from a stack on the right front of the machine. Trays are separated and then presented to the robot via conveyor. Completed trays exit from the right rear of the machine. The rejected tray may be removed during operation for visual inspection of the failed parts limiting downtime only if the rejection tray is required to place a failed part.

Another significant element of the machine is the Statistical Process Control (SPC) system. All inspection results are logged and analyzed for trends. This data is available to the operator to facilitate immediate adjustment to the upstream automated assembly automation systems or provide long-term reporting and process analysis.

ISTECHís custom interactive robot teaching routines utilizing the manual control pendant is just one of the many standard features providing user-friendly maintenance engineering for the system.